A.I.R Studio Paducah Guide


  1. The Residence
    1. Parking
    2. Key
    3. Lights & Fans
    4. Gallery
    5. Heat / AC
    6. Washer-Dryer
    7. Shop Vac Instructions
    8. Dishwasher
    9. Linens
    10. Kitchenware / Dishes
    11. Wi-fi
    12. Mail
    13. Trash Pick-Up
    14. Emergencies
    15. Trouble-Shooting
    16. Final Notes & Departure
    17. No Smoking And No Candles, Please!
  2. Around Town
    1. Lowertown Arts District
    2. Transportation (Local)
    3. Transportation (To And From Airport)
    4. Grocery Shopping
    5. Art Supplies
    6. Office Supplies
    7. Printing Services
    8. Hardware
    9. Drugstore
  3. A Few Nearby Places to Consider
    1. Etcetera Coffee
    2. McCracken County Public Library
    3. Maiden Alley Cinema
    4. National Quilt Museum
    5. Yeiser Art Center
    6. Paducah Flood Wall Murals
    7. Hotel Metropolitan
    8. The Great Outdoors
  4. Residents Recommend
    1. Branch Out
    2. The Freight House
    3. Jasmine
    4. Kirchoff Bakery & Deli
    5. Kountry Kastle BBQ
    6. Mellow Mushroom
    7. Pipers Tea and Coffee
    8. The 505 Coffeeshop & CBD Boutique

The Residence


Your vehicle can be parked anywhere on Madison Street. There are no parking meters or time limits and you can feel comfortable. Only a few cars ever park on our side of the block and it is easiest to move things in and out via the front door.


The key to A.I.R. is in the wall-mounted mailbox on the left side of the entryway. It will be in an envelope. To open the mailbox, grasp the curved lip of the mailbox door (just below the slot) and pull the door towards you. Neither key nor mail can be retrieved through the top of the mailbox. If you experience difficulty call Belinda Yates: 270-366-9341

Lights & Fans

Apartment Unit has three switch plates:
1) East wall/on the right as you enter the apartment
2) East wall below kitchen cabinets (counter area)
3) West wall opposite side door – use the fan switch to increase and improve air flow and efficiency

Studio has two switch plates:
1) East wall of desk niche below and to the left of the clock
2) North wall to the left of double doors

Gallery lights are controlled by the timer, located on the front wall between the door and the window. Switch to “on” or “off position as needed. The other 2 light switches do nothing whether “off” or “on.”

Heat / AC

There are two thermostats. One in the apartment, on the north wall above chest of drawers. The other is in the studio, on the south wall of the desk niche. Fan switch improves air flow and more efficient heating/cooling. Please make sure to turn both off at the end of your stay.


Start button on the dryer has to be pressed in a certain way to get it going—it does work. Be sure to clean lint catcher after using the dryer (slot at the upper right-hand side of dryer). Lint build-up interferes with the drying process. Try to do laundry early evening when rates are lower. Iron & small ironing board are in the apartment closet.

Shop Vac Instructions

Please ask Belinda Yates to instruct you on how to use it (if need be).


Use the Light Wash cycle please.


Provided. Extra blankets in the closet. Towels in the bathroom cabinet drawers.

Kitchenware / Dishes

Basics are provided including a coffee maker.


Name: AD621 WI-fi
Password: AIR621AD
Trouble-shooting: Call Alonzo 202-374-565 or 202-438-5710


Can be delivered to the residence address:
621 Madison Street
Paducah, KY 42001

We recommend using the downtown Post Office for mailing out which is within walking distance at: 300 S 4th St / 270-444-5326

Trash Pick-Up

Put trash out Thursday evening for Friday morning pick-up. Place trash in rolling green container located on the alley side of the property. Our trash container # is: 982955.


Fire Department, Police and Ambulance: Call 911
Fire Extinguishers (2) – Studio extinguisher is to the right of the doorway as you leave studio area. Apartment extinguisher is on the kitchen counter against the wall.


Electrical Problems
Call Belinda Yates: 270-366-9341
or Robin Phiefer: 541-870-1153

Call Belinda Yates: (same as above)

Call Belinda Yates (same as above) or
Alonzo Davis: 202-374-5650 or 202-438-5710

Final Notes & Departure

For the benefit of the next artist in residence please tidy up a bit as you prepare to leave and place used linens in the washing machine if there’s time. Also, please turn both thermostats to 68 degrees when you leave. THANK YOU!

No Smoking And No Candles, Please!

Around Town

Lowertown Arts District

Lowertown (Arts District) where the residence is located is adjacent to downtown Paducah and only a few blocks west of the Ohio River is highly-walkable. There is also a trolley service. Brochures containing maps of Lower Town are on the desk and in the bookcase. 

Transportation (Local)

Paducah Area Transit System
(PATS): 270-444-8700
Check paducahtransit.com/index.html for fares and routes.

The PATS brochure is pinned to the A.I.R. bulletin board. PATS Yellow Bus Line : This route takes you to the Park Avenue Kroger Supermarket (see address below). Fare is 1.00 each time you board the bus. 

PATS Dial-a-Ride (curb to curb service)
Call at least 24 hours in advance (no later than 4:30 pm) to schedule a ride. Rates are $1.75 per mile (minimum $3.50) which works out to about $6.00 each direction (to Kroger’s Supermarket). 

Blue Dot Taxi Service:
Rates: $2.00 per mile
Expect to pay a fare of $8.00 each way to the Park Avenue Kroger Supermarket, if you choose not to take public transportation. 

Please feel free to use the A.I.R. Studio bicycle. A bike helmet is on the shelving by the back door. Be sure to lock the bike whenever and wherever you stop when on forays around town. 

Transportation (To And From Airport)

Transportation (Airport) Paducah Area Transit System
(PATS): (270) 444-8700 or toll free at (877) 828-7287
Reservation must be 24 hr. in advance.

Transportation between Barkley Regional Airport and area hotels/motels near I- 24 Exit 4 (Kentucky Oaks Mall area) and I-24 Exit 3 (Cairo Rd) are a flat$10.00 rate. 

Blue Dot Taxi Service
Rates: $2.00 per mile
Fare between A.I.R. Studio and Barkley Regional Airport fare will range between $20 – $25.00. 

Grocery Shopping

A few places are close by: Golden Carrot and Farmer’s Market (in season) (see below). Major shopping is not within walking distance. 

Golden Carrot
433 Jefferson Street
Three blocks South. Some produce, water, juice, pkgd foods, herbs, vitamins, etc. 

Farmers’ Market is down by the river about seven blocks east. Local produce available April-October. Saturdays 7:30-2:00 (walking distance). 

Other Markets 

Kroger’s (Supermarket)
3141 Park Avenue
The most convenient public transportation-wise. The Yellow Line Bus makes a regular stop at this particular Kroger’s. The line runs along Park Avenue, three blocks north of Madison Street. 

Kroger Market Online grocery pickup lets you order groceries online and pick them up at your nearest store: https://www.kroger.com/products/start-my-cart. 

Midtown Market
3000 Broadway
Midtown partners with local farmers and producers and also offers fresh orange juice, cider in season, gourmet foods, specialty cheeses, quality meats and seafood. They offer the following online ordering option: http://www.midtownmarket.com 

Fresh eggs
Melinda Winchester
270 -210-2553

Art Supplies

(Limited options-see below) Best to bring your supplies with you or mail them to the residence.

333 N. 9th St .
Craft supplies, limited fine art supplies. (walking distance)

5187 Hinkleville Rd, #A

Office Supplies

Office Depot
2929 James Sanders Blvd BLDG C
270- 575-9477
Closes 8pm
In-store shopping · Curbside pickup · Delivery 

Printing Services

(both places are walkable, if you like to walk)

McCracken County Library
555 Washington St.
Open on Sundays!

Paducah Printing
233 N. 8th St
270-443-5383 / 800 359-6141
8am – 5pm . Mon thru Fri .


Ace Hardware
635 Benton Road

True Value
3101 Lone Oak Road

Located in same shopping center as Michael’s


3360 Irwin Cobb Drive

A Few Nearby Places to Consider

Etcetera Coffee

320 North 6th St. Barely a block and a half away…offers brewed & bagged coffee, tea, other drinks and pastries. Quiche on weekends.

Temporary hours due to covid-19:
Sunday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m
Friday – Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Walkup/
Drive-thru only, masks and manners required.

McCracken County Public Library

555 Washington St.
Open on Sundays!

Maiden Alley Cinema

112 Maiden Alley . 270-441-7007
A downtown gem that presents international, domestic and indie films Thursday-Sunday.

National Quilt Museum

215 Jefferson Street
Admission fee

Yeiser Art Center

200 Broadway

Paducah Flood Wall Murals

Water Street (Downtown)
paducahwalltowall.com/ ro@springwellmedia.com

Hotel Metropolitan

724 Oscar Cross Avenue
270 994-1783
Restored 1908 historic hotel hosted famous African-American sports figures and entertainers, including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and B.B. King, prior to desegregation. The African-American heritage museum is a “Save America’s Treasures” project. Tours are available by appointment.

The Great Outdoors

Opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors as artist and nature lover abound. The 145-acre Bob Noble Municipal Park and Greenway Trail are within city limits. Regional attractions including Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley and Land Between the Lakes Recreational Area offer more than 3,000 miles of shoreline for hiking and birding. Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge in Benton, Kentucky and Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois are not close but worth it if you have the time and inclination.

Residents Recommend

Branch Out

(vegetarian (gluten free)
713 Kentucky Avenue
Tues-Sat 11-8

The Freight House

330 South 3rd Street, #102 Downtown


(Asian fusion)
451 Jordan Drive

Kirchoff Bakery & Deli

118 South 2nd Street
(Downtown Paducah)

Kountry Kastle BBQ

3415 Clarks River Road

Mellow Mushroom

(pizza, calzone etc)
3121 Broadway Street (Coca Cola Bldg)

Pipers Tea and Coffee

3121 Broadway Street

The 505 Coffeeshop & CBD Boutique

505 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (Lowertown/Downtown Area)

An Artist-in-Residence Studio and Efficiency Apartment located in the Lower Town Arts District of Paducah, Kentucky