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Alaine DiBenedetto/Stephanie Huye, LA

“Thank you so much!!  Your facility, guidance and hospitality has been more than we could ask for.  We have made some breakthroughs and both of us will be making small changes in our procedures…not to mention we got huge amount of work accomplished and met some interesting humans.”



Kim Kissinger Marino, MO

My two week stay was very productive. The space is terrific and very private.  Highly recommended.





Sheila Crider, DC

“Very happy to be sharing the work I produced in Paducah, Kentucky this past March in the A.I.R. Studio! I would like to thank Dr. Estelle Cooke-Sampson, Debbi Gross and Alonzo Davis for making the residency possible, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for supporting my participation in this show,[Honfleur Gallery, Anacostia,Maryland], Kate Davis (now @ Pyramid Atlantic) for inviting me, and Cathy Neri, Michael Terra, Susan Mitz and members of the Paducah Fiber Artists Guild for welcoming me into the community there!”



June Edmonds, CA

Being at Paducah A.I.R. was a spectacular enterprise for me. Having the studio there last February was life changing and I have yearned for a studio space ever since. On another note, I am showing the large work I created there for the first time opening today. Seeing the work up at the Manhattan Beach Art Center tonight will be a moving reminder of that beautiful experience.






Lily Erb

I have spent my time at this residency exploring filling space with straight lines.  I worked with my usual material of steel to make a large free standing sculpture and branched out to working with string to fill the gallery.  Getting to experiment with a new material was wonderfully rewarding and inspiring for my work once I return to Virginia.






Pamela Vander-Zwan, PA

Alonzo, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be here. You have provided a great workspace. These two weeks are shaping up to be a sea change for me. Just posted my first new work in 4 years! From the series “Waiting for Worlds to Collide”, something that has been kicking around in my head for days- months – years!



Nancy DeCamillis, DE

My experience at A.I.R. Studio opened new directions for me pursue in my paintings. The studio space is wonderful for enabling the creative juices to flow. I enjoyed my morning coffee shop visits where I met fellow artists and friendly neighbors. The Quilt Museum brought back fond memories of my days exhibiting there with my painted wall quilts. I look forward to another visit.



image1Sara Ashodian, MA

A.I.R. Studio Paducah provided me with a much needed gift of time! The facility was just perfect to indulge in creating new work and experimenting with new materials. I was able to meet other artists and have creative time with them as well as share my work with the community. This experience was a valuable asset to my practice. Thank you. Hope all is well in Paducah !!


Susan BryantSusan Bryant, TN

I’ve never had the opportunity to be completely alone with my thoughts and my work for an extended period of time. AIR studio provided this focused period of time and solitude. In addition to the gift of time the studio space is incredible. With skylights and two huge walls I was able to print and then pin up a new series of photographic work and step back in able to look at the photographs as a group of images. That was such a positive unexpected experience and has changed the direction of the continuation of this body of work. In addition to the studio & apartment, the neighborhood is fantastic. It is quiet, has a coffee shop just around the corner and is within walking distance to the historic downtown as well as many studios of artists who have relocated to Paducah due to the town’s support and respect for the arts.


5) David Nadalin & Dana Beuhler

David Nadalin & Dana Beuhler, LA

Thanks for sending out our introductory email! Things are going well out here despite the snow. Coming from New Orleans, we’ve really enjoyed it because we seldom see it. I’ll send along some pics of our snow creatures. We would like to do an open studio this Friday, would y’all help us put the word out? 6-9pm this Friday, march 13. Thanks! Dana


6) Phil Puzick, OH River Spring '15

Philip Puzick, VA

I’ve enjoyed my time here at A.I.R. Paducah. The studio and living space are fantastic. Paducah is interesting and inviting. Belinda has been great too. I can’t believe the time is almost up!
Thank you, Phil Puzick




Shanna Robinson & Barbara Bushey, MI

Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity you have given us to work here. It has been a very productive and enjoyable time. We could rave on about the great things we have experienced while in Paducah and at A.I.R, but suffice it to say we are very thankful and happy!


Heather Dilatush - PlummetingHeather Dilatush, VA

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my residency at AIR Studio in Paducah. I will send you some images soon, especially some “painting with light” images that I captured of the blue entrance light at night. Again, thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the time to get quite a bit of artwork completed. Hopefully you and Kay will be able to attend the solo shows that I hope to get accepted into with this new body of work! Regards, Heather


Dianna Durham

Dianna Durham, MI

Thank-you so much for this opportunity, I was able to make several paintings (and several failed attempts) and experience a bit of Kentucky! 



Martha Gat4wood

Martha Gatewood, MD 

At the residency I heard lots of songbirds and saw stars at night, sitting in the sculpture garden.  The magnolia trees just start to bloom at the end of May.   The work area is private and has skylights providing bright and shadowless natural light and can accommodate super large work.  I had enough to hang up all my work in progress and step back to look at the progression.  There were plenty of long folding tables to lay out all my equipment. 



Jeanette MacDougall, TX

The space, environment and the neighborhood was charming. This part off town is so sweet, so friendly, and so quiet. The storefront small gallery space is just ideal. It was a fun challenge to see what I could put in there right away, wanted to put some work to draw curiosity. The work itself was dictated by the size of the studio and the time frame to generate some new work. I already decided I wanted to put some large works on the drop cloths. An added bonus was when the colors were similar to the old brick wall. Ideal presentation was outside. the real show was when the morning light hit them and then the shadows of the trees moved across them. 

Susan Maakestad, TN

“I’ve been to other residencies, so I knew ahead of time that I could get a lot done and I did. What I didn’t expect was that I’d like Paducah so much… solitude, freedom from distractions were great, but also not being isolated in the country or on a mountainside…” 



Elaine Pawlowicz, TX

I just loved the neighborhood esp at night and painted my interpretations of what I saw around me…  I would love to return. I  I am eligible to take a leave in Fall 2015/Spring 2016



2) Andrea Prince


Andrea Prince, WVA

“My work continues to evolve as a result of my A.I.R. experience. I’ve found new visual challenges to explore which combine a wider range of my interests and experiences than ever before.”




Benjamin Kelley, MD

“The experience of the A.I.R. Studio residency is still impacting my approach to making art – its a wonderful place out there!


Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown, TN

My time at A.I.R. Paducah has been wonderful.  The gallery, living, and studio spaces are well-designed and really allow me to focus on my work.  The community of artists in Paducah has been amazingly welcoming as well by providing a stimulating creative dialog while also being respectful of time in the studio.  Love it here!



foawfrontgalleryJanelle Girod & Kristin Rodriguez, GA
Fiber On A Whim

Thanks again for allowing us to use this great space.  At only a week removed from the space we once again can not believe how productive we were while there.  We also both commented that the 2 weeks flew by and we could have definitely used a 3rd because we didn’t complete nearly as much as we wanted.  

An Artist-in-Residence Studio and Efficiency Apartment located in the Lower Town Arts District of Paducah, Kentucky

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