Matt Ballard

May 15-28, 2013


Matt’s work varies in style and content. His residency fell simultaneously with the Lowertown Art and Music Festival, so he brought several finished works with him to fill the front gallery for his Open Studio event. Since graduating, Matt’s work has taken new directions, rethinking his approach to making artwork, and working outside of himself to incorporate a range of styles. His work has caused him to broaden his material understanding, a fundamental component in his ability to produce art and creative process. Limited by the lack of equipment, he has moved away from printmaking, now focusing on drawing and painting and moving into collage work.

MattBallardTheJourneyThe evolution of his style has opened up his paintings through layering components of drawn or painted images on top of another drawing or painting, treating the parts individually to construct a whole. This approach draws attention to specific areas of a work and adds both physical and visual depth to the piece. He took some of his inspiration for these collage works from Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and his research into mosaic work.

During his residency at A.I.R. Studio, Matt’s focus unexpectedly shifted from his artwork to the development of his website, a bigger project than he originally imagined. Rather than to use a standard website template, Matt has been deconstructing elements in different templates to experiment with how components work together. Using Lynda ( a website that offers online video tutorials and training to make technology more accessible, Matt has been learning how specific components in a template work together so that he can more easily manipulate them.  It seems obvious that his approach to building a website would be like to his approach to making art; cutting things apart and assembling them again to make a whole.

MattBallardBirdsFeaturedMatt Ballard is a visual artist from Falls Church, Virginia. He graduated in 2010 from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking.